Found the answer during research and experience that OVER BODY HEAT is a main reason for hirsutism (unwanted hair)

Reason behind over body heat can be any one of above  even your diet can cause to over body heat and then lead to hirsutism:

Say good bye to most annoying things

  • Do not shave your hair with razor
  • Do not pluck hair with tweezers
  • Do not use hair remover cream

All of above methods can increase your hair growth,thickness,black skin even pimples and spots

What you should to do

  • You can use waxing technique but be careful don’t use big strips at once
  • Before you start your treatment if you want to remove hair
  • Best way is threading from threading expert not at home
  • Check with your doctor what to do

Ayurvedic Traetment for hirsutism at OSLONA is very simple and affordable with money back guranttee without use of laser or electrolysis